Pgsql databases right

The picture of pgsql databases right and phppgadmin software instruments with control panel user interface We offer you a well designed Database Manager, integrated with our Control Panel, from where you can set up completely new MySQL and PgSQL databases right away. Also, you are able to administer all of their configuration settings through the instant access presented to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software... Read More

Care databases memcached

The picture of care databases memcached and content caching platform with date information memcached What exactly is Memcached? What is the reason for its rising level of popularity among people who take care of databases?

Memcached is a popular content caching platform, which can accelerate the speed and the overall performance of your Internet sites significantly in case they use a database or an API. This is... Read More

Convention vs convenience

Im a huge believer in Convention over Configuration because it makes life easier and makes me more productive. I use to program in Java, and unless there is some seismic shake-up, I will soon be going back to Java. I like Java well enough, its no lisp or ruby, but it has its place in the business world. I have many gripes with Java, verbosity, complexity, etc, but when you are in the enterprise trying to work with a bunch of third party... Read More

Minor Organisation Website hosting

The picture of people dont analysis and pace downloading itll with day day backup Many of us need to get started their very own website online but they didnt discover a good and reliable web hosting solution. Hence they both end up paying much more than required or they dont get happy with the web hosting resolution at all. Actually, people dont analysis enough earlier than zeroing on any form of web hosting provider provider.... Read More

Section 3. Installation and Configuration

The picture of module section installation installation and drupal website download with modules int meta This section covers both the installation and configuration of this module. A greater explanation of how the module is used can be found in Section 4, while this section will only cover the available pages and basic options for configuring the module.

Section 3a. Installation

Installation of this module should... Read More

Elements web site

The picture of elements web site and web server web with types web servers Running your own personal website is essential in today’s society. The entry of the Internet in our everyday lives denotes that, in order for someone to get noticed, or to get his idea noticed, one needs to create a website and publish it online. In order to achieve that, you actually demand two elements – a web site and a web hosting... Read More