The Efficiency Of A Mobile Phone Jammer

The picture of cellphone jammer case and cell phone jammers with cell phone jammer As a beginning we must mention that it may block any signal from mobile around. In case you are a businessman you will understand this well. With a such jammer you simply will not have to worry about being threaten on the phone because no-one is able to hear you. Every businessman can seem to be safe while making his latest deals or offers on the... Read More

Why You Should Buy A Mobile Phone Portable Battery

The picture of cell phone battery and fool proof way with case cell phones These days, owning a mobile phone really is essential. The average household these days has at least one smart phone and a collection of other mobile or cell phones. The importance of never being left with a flat battery is paramount as we store so much useful information in our phones these days. So many people do not even know their own phone number... Read More

Phone feather light

The picture of phone feather light and polycarbonate decrease weight with phone jump life Samsung expanded its Galaxy family when it released its flagship phone, the S4. As a step up from the S3, the S4 is meant to compete with phones such as HTC One and the iPhone 5. To do so, Samsung loaded this device with high... Read More

Ocassion promo codes

The picture of ocassion promo codes and kinds tracfone promotions with cell phone donations Until such time as now all this particular Tracfone prepaid mobile phones and plans will need been great but nonetheless , sometimes you have to to think insanely much to bring the best Tracfone deals. You know, go shopping for those offer of the ocassion promo codes or even get some cost free Tracfone minutes when you buy minutes. Well... Read More


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Sof uhf dama satcom

The picture of sof uhf dama satcom and raytheon psc mbmmr with thales prc mbitr ussocom For individuals and small groups within U.S. SOF, UHF DAMA SATCOM is currently provided by three multi-band multi-mode radios; the Raytheon PSC-5D MBMMR, the Harris PRC-117F and the Thales AN/PRC-148 MBITR.

USSOCOM is currently planning to acquire new handheld radios under the Special Operations Forces Hand Held Radio (SOF-HHR)... Read More