5 Things That Will Make the Wii U a Hit Console This Holiday Season

The picture of november thousands gamers and nintendo wii consoles with didnt preorder time On November 18, 2016, thousands of gamers are going to be firing up their Nintendo Wii U consoles for the first time. And even more gamers, those who didnt preorder in time or those who werent able to make up their minds, are going to be wondering if the Wii U lives up to the hype.

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AnneMarie Ladlad Gamification in Play

The picture of media foundations communication class and lot video games with world warcraft halo. In my Media Foundations of Communication class, I recently learned about this concept known as gamification.

For thoseunfamiliar with this term, gamification is the use of game thinking and mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems. Basically, its all about making the most of the idea that playing... Read More

A Detailed Examination In Can Boom Beach Be Hacked

The picture of Valdosta, Georgia In May, they were, respectively, numbers two and three in terms of Android downloads. At the right top of the touch screen it is the Soft Reset; boom beach base layout Red indicator means the Soft Reset function is off; Green indicator means the Soft Reset function is on. I didnt pin this one, because everything fit so well, and the pieces that glue on arent heavy.

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Also mobile Simpsons can be better than good!

Guys, today I will write about the mobile game and will compare the mobile gaming and the PC/console gaming and if there is any chance that mobile games once will be also solid platforms for the hardcore gamers. In any case, today we will start with Simpsons tapped out mobile game released for iOS and Android. You can test tapped out hack. This is the game after a longer break when you are taking into account the avalanche of Simpsons games in 90s and beginning of 2016. It is a mobile version... Read More

Halo My Hatred Evolved

The picture of nes dreamcast gamecube saturn and characters item drop points with freaking sniper rifle Halo was released for the Xbox back in 2016, everyone I knew fell in love with it. At the time, I didnt own an Xbox. My brother and I had most of the other consoles, and most of the games we enjoyed playing were on the PS2. We owned an NES, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS1, Saturn, and a PS2.

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Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct Ultimate Guide

The picture of designer smash bros and way release date sakurai with months breathing room Masahiro Sakurai, the designer of Smash Bros, has released a lot of information in the latest Nintendo Direct. I have taken it upon myself to write a complete guide to contain all of that information and provide my thoughts along the way.

Release Date

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