The Complexity of Creationist Thought

The picture of truth wouldnt change and feelings security science with vote dont doubt. One of the arguments from creationists on the topic of science is that science changes while their holy book remains the same. They view this as an indication that science cannot be trusted because if it were really truth, it wouldnt change all the time. I can understand their point to a... Read More

Darwin Caused the Holocaust

The picture of reason history science and policies eugenics science with bottom line science The Intelligent Designer in my biology class is back to his inane posts. This week its an old tirade that Darwins ideas were somehow responsible for the Holocaust.

Worldview and bias matters deeply! Both non-religious and religious persons have used science for nefarious... Read More

Essays from category Astronomy

The picture of existence life spaceintroductionalmost and universe today decoded with production crustthe lands iron Beyond existence: life in SpaceIntroductionAlmost four decades ago since we set foot on an object outside of our planet. This step in the human race had opened many doors to discover the complexity of the universe. Today, we decoded so many mysteries that people disturbed in previous years. Yet the search for new... Read More

Mr.Q Classic Science Curriculum Review

The picture of series pdf textbooks and life science text with seton science book I first stumbled upon this series of PDF textbooks when I found Easy Peasy. I have been using EP Biology for science this year and that website uses the

Free Mr. Q Classic Science Elementary Life Science text for the first half of the year. Alex loves this book. He appreciates the humor and funny... Read More