Best Lost Data Recovery Program

The picture of mass storage unit and pictures office files video with formatting virus invasion reformatting Computers store all the data in the hard drive. These hard drives are the mass storage unit that store data including audio, pictures, office files, video and also other media files. The size of the hard drives varies from 80 GB to 2 TB. These hard drives can be divided into partitions to segregate user files from the... Read More

Formatted Your Mac Hard Drive Don t Worry!!!!

The picture of drive data loss and disk recovery tool with disk restoration utility Hard drive of every computer holds a large amount of information and we deal with this huge data we create different volumes in our Mac hard drive. Data loss from hard drive due to formatting is a major cause around the world. The hard drive of your Mac computer may be formatted even after careful handling of data. If you come across this type... Read More

Pgsql databases right

The picture of pgsql databases right and phppgadmin software instruments with control panel user interface We offer you a well designed Database Manager, integrated with our Control Panel, from where you can set up completely new MySQL and PgSQL databases right away. Also, you are able to administer all of their configuration settings through the instant access presented to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software... Read More

Why Select Personalized WordPress Themes

The picture of website gain followers and premium wordpress themes with monetized search engines Over the last 3 years, WordPress has established itself as the most popular publishing platform online. And its fame comes an increase in the interest on WordPress related products like Plugins and Themes. While both of them are substantially important, the selection of a WordPress theme can significantly make or break your site.... Read More

The good, bad and the ugly of Android at The Mindful Coder

I am an Android fan boy because the platform is so open that I can do anything I want with it. The U.S. Army loves it, NASA is doing things with it that are out there (literally), and most importantly I just saved 60 bucks in hotel Internet charges (boooo!) a couple of weekends ago when travelling using my Nexus One as a wifi access point I mean what cant it do? If you can thunk it, you can plunk it on the Android.

But as some burned soul once said evil is that which takes the good in... Read More

OpenVZ Linux VPS Web Hosting

The picture of openvz linux vps web and ubuntu debian centos with memory space usage Well put in place every OpenVZ Linux VPS Web Hosting and will mount a Linux OS version of your choosing (Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS), plus your individual copy of the SolusVM Panel. With SolusVM, you can easily reboot the hosting server any time and keep track of the uptodate storage space, data transfer rate and memory space usage. Additionally,... Read More