Budget android smartphones

The picture of budget android smartphones and range android phones with processors core count Android now represents the largest part of the smartphone market. I have already covered the best budget Android smartphones, where you could find the best sub-$200 phones. The best mid-range Android phones pack a lot more power but the price goes up as well.

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Projectors The Future of Big Time Gaming

Gamers, if you have never had the experience of playing video games on a projector screen, you are missing out. Up until just a few days ago I was untrained in such picture perfection as well. But after borrowing a projector from a friend at church to use for the Super Bowl, I could not help but hook up the Xbox as well. Using a VGA cable hooked to a Dell DLP projector that is a few years old has made Left 4 Dead an insane game to play. That is without the over the internet multiplayer... Read More

October ipad sales

The picture of october ipad sales and ios app store with use ipad users In October, iPad sales reached 170M, so it should come as no surprise that Microsoft has finally decided to make Office available in the iOS App Store. Although the app itself will be free to use, iPad users will be required to pay an Office 365 subscription to be able to create documents.

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Christmas Christmas Gadget Gift Ideas

The picture of car dvd player and dvd player car with dash unit iswith Car Audio Electronics are a great addition to any car that you spend a lot of time in going to and from work. The possibilities are endless when looking for additional audio systems that can be added to your current ride. The hardest part of thinking about adding additional audio to your car is trying to decide what you want to add. There are even stores now... Read More