Why Blackhat SEO can Cause Harm to a Site

Blackhat SEO is a proven method to increase traffic to websites. But it is also proven that this method is ineffective in long term. A detailed explanation about this controversial technique is given below.

The picture of method increase traffic websites and search engine optimization seo with website search engine optimized. If you are looking to improve traffic to your website, then there are several options to choose from. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one such option and it is quite cheap. Quality content, keywords, link building, etc are required to make a website search engine optimized. Many professionals are there to assist you in this regard.

But the problem is it takes time for the search engines to index a website. Many people out there want quick results and they do not hesitate to use unethical tactics for this purpose. The unethical usage of SEO technique is known as Blackhat SEO.

What actually is Blackhat SEO?

In simple words, Blackhat SEO fools the users and makes them land into the target website. Websites stuffed with keywords, doorway websites, etc are the examples of blackhat SEO. At first, this technique seems to be very effective by bringing in more traffic to the website. But later on this technique will yield negative results and finally fools the webmaster. Not only the amount of traffic is important, but quality of the traffic also matters very much. Even if the traffic to your website is high but there are no potential customers, then there will be no profit to you.

Blackhat SEO can be harmful to your site

There is no real profit in using the blackhat SEO technique. Traffic to the website increases at first, but it diminishes in no time. Apart from this issue, this technique can also cause harm to your website. The different ways in which blackhat SEO can cause harm to a website are given below.

Search engines really hate blackhat SEO and if the spiders find any website resorting to this technique, then the respective website will be banned by them. There is no meaning in investing money and getting the site banned. To protect your money and hard work from getting wasted, it is good to use whitehat SEO techniques, i.e. ethical SEO.

If there is no related content for the search term in a website, then users may report the website. A webmaster can get lucky if the search engine spiders fail to detect the blackhat SEO techniques. But still the website is prone to threat from users and they can report it.

Reputation of the webmaster goes down like a sinking ship. If a person resorts to such unethical techniques, then no one will find him/her credible. This can have negative impact on the traffic and it decreases in no time.

Quality traffic to the website decreases and there will be no potential customers entering the site. For example, if a doorway website is created by stuffing keywords related to mobile phones and the original site is about cameras, then there will be no potential customers entering the site to buy cameras.

The improved traffic after optimizing the site with blackhat techniques is just temporary and it is of poor quality. Visitors enter the site and leave quickly since the site is not about mobile phones. Addition to this, they may also remember the sites URL and avoid accidental visits in the future too. There is no benefit in obtaining such traffic to the website.

Google can award the unethical websites with low SERPs too. It is very important for any site to get good search engine ranking. If a site has low page ranking, then it is almost invisible since no user will access the last pages among the millions of pages for the respective search query. The websites with low page rankings are almost equivalent to dead.

Blackhat SEO techniques can harm a site in these ways. As a webmaster, you should always focus on quality content, good backlinks rather resorting to keyword stuffing, backlink farms, etc.

It may take time to get indexed by search engines by following whitehat SEO techniques. But the quality of traffic will be great and the conversion rate (visitors to potential customers) will improve. Stay away from the blackhat SEO techniques if you want your site to be found easily in search engines.

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